Pro Series Cycling Socks -- Black & White

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Product Overview

Keep your feet cool and dry when you ride!  Quality socks are essential items for every cyclists comfort.

  • Constructed from a non-cotton, tri-blend fabric (acrylic, nylon, and lycra) to ensure superior moisture wick

  • Stretch fabric accommodates a variety of sizes and conforms to any foot  

  • Made with a 5 inch mid-calf cuff

  • Reinforced toe and heel fabric will keep these socks on your feet for many cycling seasons

  • Hidden stitching eliminates any pressure points or discomfort from seams inside the shoe
  • There are two sock sizes available.  The natural stretch in the fabric will accommodate most foot sizes.  Size S/M is for men's shoe size 8 (women's 9) and below.  Size M/L is for men's shoe size 9 (women's 10) and above.