Women's Cycling Shorts

Women's Cycling Shorts - Comfort and Style

Every sport or activity has specific apparel or gear requirements that are either essential for participation or at least serve to make the experience more enjoyable. This can certainly be said for cycling. There are the obvious gear requirements such as a bike. But the right cycling apparel is nearly as essential for a great ride. Bike riders have to sit for a long time on the bike saddle, which can result in discomfort and soreness if you pedal in regular clothing. So what is the solution for a comfortable ride? The answer is clear… cycling shorts! 

Bike shorts are made with a pad or chamois sewn into the soft, stretchy fabric. Women’s cycling shorts have a gender specific fit including ergonomic padding designed specifically for women. Women’s bike shorts are made with a lycra and spandex fabric blend that creates a stretchy, compression fit. The compression fit of bike shorts for women prevents fabric from rubbing against the skin and creating uncomfortable abrasions. Additional features of women’s cycling shorts from Peak 1 Sports include flatlock stitch, multiple panel construction, and multiple color options.

Before you set off on any bike ride, make sure that you are wearing bike shorts from Peak 1 Sports. Padded bike shorts make any ride better, whether it’s a short ride around the neighborhood, a long road ride with your cycling club, or an off road mountain bike ride with friends. Every sport needs specific gear. For cycling, the one item that you shouldn’t ride off without is bike shorts. 

Why Choose Women's Cycling Shorts?

Women's cycling shorts are indispensable protective equipment for riding. They include chamois, a padded area near the inner thighs, to protect the sensitive areas of the body and mitigate any discomfort from sitting on a bicycle seat for a long time. Even short rides require contact with the saddle and constant movement from your legs. Friction from the constant motion can cause sores and abrasions without bike shorts. The padding or chamois in bike shorts guards against these cycling injuries. 

The tight fit of cycling shorts for women serves multiple purposes. First, the fit of bike shorts provides the best aerodynamics by limiting wind resistance and increasing riding speed with less effort. Furthermore, the four way stretch material of the bike shorts allows for a full range of motion for the cyclist. Peak 1 Sports offers an incredible range of women's cycling shorts that provide maximum efficiency and full support for female riders. For instance, the Cynergy series of women's cycling shorts are made of 20% spandex and 80% nylon for durability and premium quality. To enhance the structure and support, the shorts are sewn with flatlock stitching. The fabrication of women’s bike shorts with 9 fitted panels make a great fit for any body shape.

There are several options for the chamois in women's cycling shorts. Most entry level bike shorts have a thick, foam chamois. Foam provides a lot of cushion, but the thickness of the pad is uncomfortable for some riders. As riders spend more time on the bike, they develop a resistance to soreness and often prefer a thinner chamois. In this case, bike shorts with a gel pad can be better. Gel padding is thinner and denser than foam. Peak 1 Sports has developed a custom women’s bike shorts pad that is made with a blend of foam and gel that provides the best of both styles. Do you want to be more comfortable on your bike and ride longer? Then check out the Women's Cycling Shorts that are for sale at!

While comfort and durability are the focus of our bike shorts, we haven’t forgotten about style! Women’s bike shorts from Peak 1 Sports come in a variety of color accents including pink, purple, and turquoise for a great match with your cycling jerseys. The Venus women’s bike shorts are made with all black fabric to look great with any cycling outfit. The Venus shorts are also made in full length as a women’s padded bike tight for added warmth in cooler weather.

Buy Cycling Shorts for Women Online

Want to expand your cycling apparel wardrobe? Are you looking for women's cycling shorts? Have a look at the incredible collection of exceptional cycling apparel at Peak 1 Sports. The cycling shorts and bike tights for women are designed to provide maximum comfort, support, and protection during your ride. Pick from amazing color options for women’s bike shorts, such as Cynergy Purple, Cynergy Pink, and Cynergy Turquoise.

And have you checked out the prices for the bike shorts and cycling apparel? You won’t find a better deal for cycling apparel of this quality. Up your game with comfy and stylish women’s cycling shorts from Peak 1 Sports. Whether you are searching for a new pair of women’s bike shorts or the perfect riding socks, be sure to check out Peak 1 Sports for exceptional cycling apparel at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do women wear cycling shorts? The main reason that bike riders wear cycling shorts is comfort. In particular, the padding that is sewn into the shorts helps to avert chafing, saddle sores, and other common issues.
What is the difference between men’s cycling shorts and women’s cycling shorts? Women’s bike shorts are made with a women’s specific fit. The hip and leg measurements are different than the measurements of men’s bike shorts. Most importantly, the chamois is designed with the correct anatomic fit for a woman to provide maximum comfort in the saddle.
What is the correct fit for women’s cycling shorts? Women’s cycling shorts should have a tight, compression fit without pinching, binding, or causing discomfort. Find the correct fit for your shorts by reviewing the sizing chart on the product page. Many women find the hip measurement to be the most accurate measure for bike shorts fit. Peak 1 Sports will size exchange or refund your purchase for fit or any other reason.
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