Men's Cycling Shorts

A Buyer's Guide to Men's Cycling Shorts

Pro cyclists look so dashing and stylish. But are the tight fitting jerseys and bike shorts about style or do they have a functional purpose? Every sport has certain gear and dietary requirements. For cycling, it is the bike, helmet, jerseys, and, yes, bike shorts. Men's cycling shorts are made of quality lycra, spandex, or elastane materials and include padding that provides comfort to the rider when out on the road. Without the proper bike shorts, you may experience chafing, sores, irritation, or general discomfort on your thighs or contact areas with the bike seat. Cycling shorts eliminate these problems and are the most critical piece of cycling apparel to be sure that you can ride in comfort. 

The chamois is the most important component of men's bike shorts. But what is a chamois? The chamois refers to padding that is sewn into the inner sections of men's cycling shorts where the body will be in contact with the bike seat. The purpose of the padding is to minimize and disperse pressure in the areas near your inner thigh. Men’s road bike shorts are made with compression fabrics that minimize the movement of the chamois and fabric against your body as you pedal. The padding has moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties to help keep you cool and comfortable on your bike ride. 

As with most cycling apparel, there are several options for the chamois in men's cycling shorts. Most entry level bike shorts have a thick, foam chamois. Foam provides a lot of cushion, but the thickness of the pad is uncomfortable for some riders. As riders spend more time on the bike, they develop a resistance to soreness and often prefer a thinner chamois. In this case, bike shorts with a gel pad can be better. Gel padding is thinner and denser than foam. Peak 1 Sports has developed a proprietary pad that is made with a blend of foam and gel that provides the best of both styles. Do you want to be more comfortable on your bike and ride longer? Then check out the Men's Cycling Shorts that are for sale at!

Why Choose Men's Cycling Shorts?

There's no need to ask a question like, "Why do you want to be safe?". However, it is quite common to hear the question, “Why do I need bike shorts?”. As a cyclist, you must understand the importance of including men's cycling shorts and bib shorts in your cycling apparel wardrobe. If you have made the mistake of riding your bicycle in regular shorts, then you know how painful it can be. The answer to the question about bike shorts is obvious after one ride.

We have covered the padding that a high quality pair of bike shorts with a comfortable chamois provides. But there are other benefits that bike shorts provide. Check out the following features that you can find in men’s cycling shorts from Peak 1 Sports.

  • The spandex, lycra, and elastane fabrics that bike shorts are made from create a tight fit to allow the cyclist a full range of motion and provide maximum comfort during riding.
  • The fabrics of men's cycling shorts and bib shorts are moisture wicking and breathable to keep the rider cool and dry on the bike.
  • Peak 1 Sports bike shorts are made with a variety of grippers in the leg opening that keep the shorts firmly in place on the leg while not pinching or chafing the skin.
  • Flatlock stitch on the seams provides added strength to the cycling shorts to eliminate holes caused by broken stitches.
  • In addition to traditional black fabrics that match with any cycling jersey, Peak 1 Sports also produces bike shorts in a variety of colors to match with specific jerseys.
  • Many riders that spend a lot of time on their bike transition from bike shorts to bib shorts. Bib shorts for men create another level of comfort by extending fabric above the waist and thereby preventing the pinch that can occur at the abdomen when seated on your bike and bent to the handlebars.

If you are interested in quality men's cycling shorts for yourself, choose from the amazing variety of designs, colors, and styles from Peak 1 Sports. The Mercury men’s cycling shorts and bib shorts are a great place to start for extremely comfortable and versatile riding gear. The Mercury series is also available as a full length, padded bike pant for full leg protection in cooler weather. The Cynergy series of men’s bike shorts and bib shorts takes your riding comfort to the next level with the Peak 1 Sports custom made chamois and silicone leg gripper. Cynergy men’s cycling shorts and bib shorts are available with blue and gray color accents for added style on the road. 

Buy Men's Cycling Shorts Online

Peak 1 Sports offers an incredible range of men's cycling shorts. Get them in whichever style you want, and whichever color you please. Every Peak 1 Sports item is a high quality product that comes with free shipping. With an easy exchange and return process, you will be sure to have the right size and fit for your new bike shorts. All of the Men's cycling shorts featured online are highly durable and made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. Expect to be riding for many seasons in your new Peak 1 Sports bike shorts. The custom engineered chamois provides the cyclist with unmatched comfort on multi-day and lengthy rides.

Get comfortable on your bike with premium men's cycling shorts and bib shorts from Peak 1 Sports!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cycling shorts really help? Cycling shorts prevent soreness and discomfort during riding that can result from just a short time of cycling and sitting on the bike saddle. If you are still unsure, try this simple test. Ride your bike for 10 minutes in regular shorts. Then put on cycling shorts and ride for 10 minutes. After this test, we are sure that you will know the answer to the question.
Why do cyclists wear tight shorts? Cycling shorts intentionally made with compression materials for a tight fit. The tight fit holds the fabric against your skin as you pedal and prevents irritation that is caused by the movement on loose fitting shorts. The chamois that is sewn into bike shorts is also held in place by the tight fit of men’s road biking shorts. The tight fit has the added benefit of being more aerodynamic than a loose fit and reducing wind drag. The snug fit cycling shorts help you to ride with more comfort and less effort.
What do cyclists wear under their shorts? Men's cycling shorts are designed to be worn against the skin as a base layer. Underwear adds a fabric layer between the shorts and your body which creates a layer of friction that the bike shorts are designed to prevent. If you choose to wear an undergarment, be sure that it is tight fitting and moisture wicking.
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