The answers to questions that we frequently hear from our customers are below. Please CONTACT US if you don’t find your answer here or want to discuss your project in more detail.

  1. How much do custom jerseys cost?

    Custom bike jerseys are surprisingly affordable. In fact, the price is typically less than the retail cost for an off-the-rack jersey. The price of each order is dependent on a number of factors including the order quantity. Please REQUEST A QUOTE for specific pricing.

  2. Are there any other fees or costs?

    No, our jersey pricing is all inclusive with no additional costs or fees. There are no charges for set up, colors, or design services.

  3. Is there a minimum order quantity for custom jerseys?

    Yes, we have a five jersey minimum order for custom production. We do full custom production from raw fabric, which makes orders of less than five jersey difficult to produce cost effectively.

  4. How long does it take to deliver a custom jersey order?

    Delivery of custom orders typically require from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the order quantity and the time of the year. Please allow at least 1 to 2 weeks (or more, if possible) to create and finalize your jersey design. Rush orders of less than 4 weeks are available. CONTACT US for specific timing of your project.

  5. How do I design a jersey?

    There are three ways to design a jersey. 1) Use the P1S Designer, our online design tool, to create a design. 2) Download our ART TEMPLATES to create your own design. 3) CONTACT US to have our graphics department create a design from your concept, image, or idea at no charge to you.

  6. How do I know the correct sizing?

    Please see our SIZING CHART for fit information. Our jerseys are standard as a relaxed, sport cut. As with most cycling jerseys, many of our riders find that the size is ½ to 1 full size smaller than casual wear… i.e. size M tee shirt = size L jersey. Fit kits with a full size run of jerseys are available at no charge if you have riders that are able to try on jerseys.