The Best Cycling Apparel for Every Season

20th Sep 2022

It may seem obvious that cycling gear would vary from season to season, but in fact, many people don’t know what type of cycling gear to use in different seasons. The reason for this can be ignorance or bad advice given by so-called experts. The truth is that there are four main types of cycling gear you can use, depending on the temperature in your region and the time of year. It’s important to utilize each of these types as needed. Let’s take a look at them now!

Cyclists Need Apparel and Accessories for Adverse Weather

The right cycling gear will vary with the season, but a few pieces of bike clothing are must-haves no matter what time of year it is. Cool weather accessories like arm and leg warmers, a long sleeve cycling jersey, and any other garment with insulation are critical if you are going to be riding outdoors when it is cold outside. Make sure to wear some cycling gloves for added grip and padding on the handlebars, especially if you are riding in cold weather on wet roads. If you get caught in bad weather, waterproof cycling pants or tights are incredibly helpful. Yet, if you're just riding in a bit of a drizzle or it's a hot day, you can wear a short sleeved bike jersey. Arm and leg warmers are still recommended because they can offer protection from the elements while easily being removed and stored in a jersey pocket when not needed.

Protective Padding Is Important

A protective pad is more than just a part of your cycling attire. When you are on the bike, the pad absorbs and disperses some of the energy you produce to protect your most sensitive areas. Having a high quality chamois in your bike shorts can be your best insurance against soreness and discomfort post-ride. Bike gloves with padding on the palms of your hands also improve your comfort on a bike. We offer an assortment of pads depending on what part of your body you need to shield. Shop for the perfect pad on our store to improve your riding comfort!

Warm, Waterproof Clothes Are Necessary

As the temperature drops and autumn rolls in, it's important to find the cycling gear that can keep you warm. Waterproof gear is a must for those wet riding days. Warm thermal jerseys with moisture-wicking properties, windproof outerwear to keep breezes at bay, and layers so you can add or remove clothes as needed are key. Don't forget cycling gloves and bike socks. These cycling accessories help regulate your body temperature too.

Bike Lights and Safety Are Essential

When you are riding on the road, safety is a top priority. One of the most vital safety measures you can take is to use a rear light. As vehicles reach you on the road, the light will be the first thing that they see. Front bike lights use super-bright LEDs capable of emitting a beam that reaches up to 150 feet in front of you and can be adjusted in three different ways. Generally, the highest setting should be used during daylight hours, the middle setting for nighttime or foggy conditions, and the lowest setting when visibility is poor (heavy rain, snow, fog).

Pack Cycling Gear for All Conditions

  • If you will be riding in low light conditions, wear high visibility cycling apparel and accessories. High visibility cycling apparel include bright colors and reflective while front and rear lights are always a good idea.
  • As with any physical activity, staying hydrated and fueled while biking is a must! Bring plenty of water, particularly on hot days, along with easy to eat foods including energy bars and gels.
  • When it comes to mechanical bike failures or flat tires, a tool kit with a multi-tool, pump, spare tube and tire levers is a must.
  • It's essential to bring bike clothes for a range of weather conditions. Layer cycling apparel so you can take some off if the temperature warms up or put more on if it gets chilly.

Final words

Most cyclists wish to have the proper gear year-round, but as cooler weather approaches, you'll have to make sure you've got everything in order so that you can stay out on the road no matter what the weather. Cool weather riding requires more than a great bike jersey to keep you comfortable. No matter the time of year, we have cycling gear available for both cool and wet weather as well as those beautiful days on the road. Check out peak1sports to see our wide selection of cycling apparel before your next ride.