Latest Trend in Cycling Clothing That Keep You Cool And Comfy

25th May 2022

With fitness and outdoor exercise such as biking taking the forefront since the covid pandemic has shaken things up, clothing to keep you cool and comfy during workouts has become one of the most sought after items. Cycling is one of the more popular physical activities these days, and more people are now opting to include cycling in their daily workout routine. As such, the latest trends in cycling clothing are quickly evolving to keep you comfy and cool while you work out.

Purpose of Cycling Clothing

If you are wondering what is so special about clothes for cycling or why your regular T-shirt and shorts or track pants won't be suitable, the answer is simple; these clothes are not made for the purpose of absorbing excess sweat without completely sticking to you. The materials used to manufacture regular clothing are much different from that used for creating clothing for sports like cycling. Sportswear is made up of materials that would keep you cool and comfortable while working out. Bike jerseys, for example, are made from materials that do not cling to your body when absorbing any sweat. Cycling jersey fabric allows air to pass through, reducing the buildup of sweat and lowering your discomfort.

Which clothes should you buy?

  • Bike Shorts: Some cycling clothing, for example, bike shorts, are tight fitting and typically made from nylon and spandex. Cycling shorts have a tight fit for the purposes of aerodynamics. They are made tight so as to avoid air from passing through. This, in turn, means that there will be less or no air resistance to disrupt your balance and forward momentum. Therefore, bike shorts allow you to enjoy riding your bike and ride it faster with much less effort than you would need to put in if you were to wear loose fitting clothes. The Cynergy Blue men's cycling shorts are a perfect example of comfortable cycling shorts made to cut down air resistance and allow a smooth ride.

  • Live to Ride Men's Bike Jersey: This jersey by Peak 1 Sports is made with breathable fabric and created with the most technologically advanced materials that professionals wear. What's more, is that this jersey comes with multiple pockets attached so you can easily carry your water bottle and biking supplies. The bike jersey also has a zippered back pocket so you can keep your keys, money, phone, and other valuables safe while riding. It even comes with a silicone gripper, so your jersey stays in place while riding.

  • The Softshell Vis Jacket: The Softshell Vis Jacket is a stylish and innovative cycling jacket. This windproof and water-resistant thermal jacket and comes with a front zipper and pockets. This cool weather cycling jacket is perfect for cyclists as it prevents cold or harsh winds from interrupting your ride, keeps you warm, and also makes you look like a serious cyclist.
  • Prima Women's cycling Jersey: This wonderful women’s short sleeve cycling jersey shouts out style. With trendy patterns and colors, this jersey will not make you feel like you are out of style even for a second. Made with breathable fabric, this bike jersey also comes with three pockets to hold your essentials and has a full length YKK zipper to allow for maximum comfort. There is also a zipper to store your valuables like keys and money. The Prima women’s jersey is made with a women’s-specific fit with a narrowed waist and flared hip.

  • Arm and Leg Warmers: For days when there is a little nip in the air or when you just need an added layer of production for a cool morning, arm and leg warmers are the perfect solutions. Arm and leg warmers can easily be taken off and stuffed in a jersey pocket if the day heats up. Both arm and leg warmers are also available with a thermal lining for added warmth.

With the variety of cycling clothes available on the market, customers have a wide range of options to choose from. Men and women can easily find professional quality cycling jerseys and apparel at Peak 1 Sports. Peak 1 Sports provides many options for your cycling apparel at affordable prices so you can get the most out of the days on your bike. Made with the best quality materials and world class construction, cycling apparel from Peak 1 Sports is stylish, functional, and comfortable. With Peak 1 Sports, you no longer have to choose between comfort and style.